Monday, October 10, 2011

Orlaith in Marrakech

Ah, we have arrived...  quick post from our hotel, post-swim and nap :-)

Marrakech keeps unfolding delight after delight: the medina with its snake charmers and healers and craftsfolk and henna artists and ten zillion salesmen. We made our way through herbs and spices and apocatheries... past ceramic shops, metalworking studios, wool dying workshops... everyone eager to talk, to sell. One man looks at us, declares 'Fish and Chips'.
No, we say, not English.
Another seller joins in, 'Australian'.
Nope. We move along, and keep walking as the avenue of sellers shout after us: 'German. French. Polish. American...'
We cave in with one man, and say that we're Irish.
'Ah,' he nods. 'Roy Keane.'

Today's super-treat was going to Yves Saint Laurent's garden, which was actually established by a painter called Majorelle in the 1920s, but YSL saved it after Majorelle's death. And treasured it, clearly.

Such colours and light and life. A place that manages to be serene and vibrantly life-affirming at the same time; a truly romantic setting.
Alrightey, out into the evening for us :-)
Cafe in the Medina
Wool dying

"It is so lovely with your eyes..." the salesman insists :-)

Off to visit Saint Laurent's garden

Garden Majorelle - designed in the 1920s

Lovin' that blue

water lillies and turtles and frogs oh my...

Blue + blonde

Blue + pomegranates


Anonymous said...

About a nano second before I clicked on your blog I was thinking "I really need some colour right now". If I was hungry, i feel as if I've been fed for a week.

Beautiful images. Really looking forward to seeing how your holiday unfolds.


Wow, how exciting! I love that pomegranate pic - gorgeous.